Frat House Habanero Fry Sauce with Squeeze bottle

Frat House Habanero Fry Sauce
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Your tongue SPANKED as your fries get INITIATED into the Frat-House with these bold and spicy flavors. The habanero provides a good deal of heat, without burning your mouth off. A simple way to make a great dipping sauce for nearly anything! Built for fries, but great on everything.

Directions: Add 3/4 cup (7 heaping tablespoons) to a BloodyFine squeeze bottle. Add 1 scoop of mix to the mayonnaise and one to two scoops of water. (you may need to add more water for your desired consistency) Shake vigorously, serve, enjoy! Use on Fries, Burgers, Quesadillas, BLT's and anything else you can think of!

MAKES 10-14 BloodyFine bottles - (so much your family will never run out)

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